Movement of all types of Goods from one place to multiple places all over the world.

Transportation & Distribution

We take the products off your hands and ship them across various parts of India and world. Every part of the process is customised to provide you with the most optimal solution that fits your organisation from the get go. From vehicles customisation at the time of booking based on loads for that day, shipping based on each shipment priority - Express or Standard, customised billing that fits your established accounting processes, to customised reports with details you require.

  • Standard Distribution -> Air, Road,Train, Ship
  • Express Distribution -> Premium Air, Road,Train, Ship
  • All Volumes -> Full Truck Load, Partial Truck Load, Less than Truck Load
  • Modes of Booking -> Credit, Paid, To-pay
  • How Naanal Stands apart from the industry

    We act as a single point of contact for all your Transportation Needs, worldwide.

    We Customize Pickups for regular Customers Based on a particular day's Loads. We take care of scaling up the vehicles to address your peak load orders at month end.

    All Digital Booking

    Hassle free and time saving process of digital booking. Through our Naanal APP we have the capability to address higher volumes.

    Track and trace

    You can track where your shipments are currently and its estimated delivery time, online, in our customer portal.

    Real-time Reports.

    We send automatic reports to you that includes attributes of the shipments. What was booked, when, what it costs, when it will arrive at the destination. All of it is also downloadable from our Customer portal, online.

    Historical Data

    We provide History of your shipments for years. You can look up what you sent, where, last year with us.

    Centralized Customer Care

    Contact a single person for details about all the different shipments you have sent through us.

    Are you Looking for an efficient way to ship your products