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Whether you’re ready to move beyond spreadsheets or replace your existing shipment management software, ShypVisor lets you manage your shipments more easily than ever. Our charges are billed monthly and they are calculated based on the number of sellers, warehouses and orders dispatched.





Price Calculator

Use our price calculator below to check on the final price for your requirement. Customized pricing available for Enterprises. Reach us at for Enterprise quote

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No Upfront Heavy Investment

Monthly Subscription Charges

Cancel Anytime, No Strings Attached

Charged Based on Usage

4 Flexible Plans

Switch Plans Based on Usage

Spend Zero Rupees on Server

No worry about AMC

How Price is calculated

The Four Plans are Standard, Advanced, Premium and Enterprise. Each Plan has its own Base price and it includes certain limit on number of units – Warehouses, Clients and Orders or Shipments. If any of the limit exceeds, additional unit will be charged on a Per unit basis – Per Warehouse, Per Client, Per Order.

Your Monthly Bill

Base Price

Fixed Base price of a plan you select

Extra Warehouses

Base price includes certain no. of warehouses. Every extra warehouse will be charged.

Extra Clients

Base price includes certain no. of Clients. Every extra Client will be charged.

Extra Orders

Base price includes certain no. of Orders. Every extra Order will be charged.


What is the GST Tax slab?


Can I start with “STANDARD” plan and upgrade to higher plans in the future?

Yes, You can upgrade or downgrade plans anytime in the future.

What is Custom Pricing?

It is Fixed flat price where there will not be any limit on number of warehouses, Clients and Orders. It is mainly useful for Large Enterprises.

Do you have Installation Cost?

No. We onboard you at free of Cost.

Do you charge for Courier API integration?

No. We integrate with any courier you want at free of cost.

Why do you have limit on Order history?

All the data is stored in the Cloud service providers and they charge for storing data.

Is my Data safe?

Yes, data is Safely stored in Multi-tier Secured Cloud Storage provided by Google GCP, Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure.

Do I have to spend additionally on Servers, Storage, and Backup?

No. Everything is included with the price.

Will I need extra IT staff to maintain this Software?

No. Our dedicated team will ensure your Software is highly available 24x7

Why do you Charge for SMS & WhatsApp alerts

SMS and WhatsApp service providers charge for automated messages.

Do you Charge for E-mail alerts

No. It is free of cost

Contact us for Demo and queries on Pricing

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