We are where we are because of our partners. We view partners as an integral part of doing business. We are on a mission on backing the right partners and growing them successfully.

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Why Naanal

On-time Payments

Payments are fulfilled job-wise. Jobs are considered as discrete items and payments to completed ones are done on the agreed upon time, consistently.


You can see your jobs, the history of your completed jobs, time, job-wise payment, and what is owed to you in total in our partners portal. We track all of it in our portal so that you don’t miss out on any payment.


We view partners as an integral part of doing business. We believe in assessing our partners on measurable metrics and treating them fairly. We have created a system that tracks your progress and assesses your performance with fewer humans in the loop thus ensuring fairness.

Win - Win Relationship

When you perform well, the system automatically allocates more jobs to you and you get more business from us. When all your needs are satisfied, you win. When you win, we win. Creating a perpetual cycle of good partnership.

Convenience in Partnering

We make partnership with us, as convenient and easy as possible. This starts with our Partner app. What jobs are coming to you, when, the details about what is required in doing the job and its attributes are shown there. Completed jobs, history of business, payments, Stats are also shown there making it as convenient for our relationship as possible. Furthermore the system provides actionable insights and ways to improve our relationship by studying it constantly.

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