Why Information Management ?

  • Information islands across stake holders

  • Difficult to manage customer expectation

  • Dynamic planning is ruled out

  • Demand forecast error is high due to bullwhip effect

  • Every stakeholder is digitally connected
  • End to end visibility
  • Dynamic and predictive transport planning
  • Intelligent demand planning
  • Avoid understock, overstock
  • Improve brand loyalty

Realtime Tracking

  • Track by NT number, Courier number

  • Track by Reference number or Invoice number

  • Track without Login

  • Role based access

E-mail & SMS Alerts

  • Shipment Dispatched
  • Shipment is Out for delivery
  • Shipment Delivered
  • Attempt failed
  • Exceptions

Realtime Reports

  • View all reports by self login
  • Download MIS report as XL Sheet
  • Automated MIS report to Email
  • Download e-POD instantly