Our Express Logistics Solutions

    It is easier to maintain data in spreadsheets when volume of shipments is in hundreds. But, as the volume grows, it will soon become a difficult situation. As your business grows you encounter issues without having a proper system to track and maintain these shipments. To build or buy a Transport Management system(TMS) at this stage might not be affordable for you. Being a third party logistics provider it is our utmost responsibility to work towards not only in prompt delivery of shipments but also to provide a system where our customers can create shipment order, track and view all their shipments in one place. Did we forget to mention that our software is free to use without any tags attached.

Tracking of all shipments in one place

Single logistics player will not be able to serve all your shipments. Being a third party logistics player we have tied with multiple logistics players and hand over the shipment to players based on their service efficiency. When multiple parties are involved, visiting individual logistic player's website to track shipment will be time consuming. Having a single pane of view to track shipments handed over to multiple players will be easy to track and for further follow-ups. At Naanal, we track each and every shipment handed over to us using our tracking engine. You can view status of all shipments at a glance or search on a specific tracking number or multiple tracking numbers and view detailed status of shipments.

Email, SMS and Whatsapp alerts for Shipments

Providing timely alerts will help consignees to plan properly and also to avoid shipment returns. As our tracking engine systematically tracks each and every shipment until it is delivered, exceptions are caught and alerts sent immediately. Our customer support team helps to address those exceptions and work towards prompt delivery of your shipments. Apart from the exceptions, we share nonintrusive alerts to consignee when shipment gets dispatched from warehouse, taken for delivery and delivered. You can choose the medium you prefer to receive alerts

MIS and Realtime Reports for your analysis

Having access to al of your shipments data will help to analyze and derive insights. We not only help you to derive insights quickly by consolidating all the data that you need in one place but also, provide access to pre-built reports to fasten your analysis. We believe that transparent system will help to iron out inefficiencies and thereby mutually beneficial for our customers and us. Some of the reports that we provide to our customers are Not connected reports, Crossed ADD reports, Delivery Efficieincy Reports, Return Shipment reports, City Wise performance reports

Dedicated Customer Support

In express logistics as large volumes are handled by each and every logistics player, in case of any exceptions, it is sender\receiver responsibility to follow up and clear exceptions for smoother delivery. If those exceptions are not addressed immediately it will cause significant delay in delivery of those shipments. Being your logistics partner, we provide dedicate customer support(CS) person for your account. They will closely track your shipments from the moment it is booked. Discrepancy between pincode and delivery city mismatch are captured and corrected at the time of booking itself . Based on the exception notifications received from Tracking Engine, our CS representative will co-ordinate with ground team to iron out those exceptions after getting required inputs from you. Timely action helps us to maintain a better service level compared with other players in the same segment.