At Naanal we help your express packages to be delivered faster, quicker. We leverage technology to provide reliable service by allocating correct partners, tracking shipments efficiently and ensuring on-time delivery

Why Naanal ?

We act as a single source of truth.

Online track and trace: From the time its booked, till its delivered, you can live track your shipments from our customer portal. What you gave us, what we are holding, how much of it and in which warehouse, where. You can track your inventory in our warehouses with a single click from our customer portal.

We send daily automated MIS reports for all the shipments. We customise the MIS reports according to your needs. You can download all your MISs from Naanal Customer portal, online. We upload e-pods to the customer portal as soon as delivering the shipments, which are also bulk downloadable.

We always find a way.

We provide customised pickups that fits your needs - Vehicles, timing. We provide customised bills that is tailored to your established processes to provide a hassle free experience.

We ship intelligently.

Planning has to take into account n number of vehicles, shipment schedules, interruptions and priority. It cannot be done consistently by any one person. Our planning is done by our Machine Learning Team aided by advanced algorithms. Inputting priority shipments, past data, shipment schedules and demand. Our system is robust and is responsive to dynamic changes. Resulting in shorter lead time, consistently.

We take ownership of the problem.

We go out of our way to help our customers, partners and anyone who do business with us, in any hurdles they have in our partnership.

We deliver consistently

We believe in not just achieving a great service, but sustaining it and improving it with constant analysis and innovation.

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