Careers at Naanal

Here at Naanal, we have taken up a very ambitious goal of building the Self Learning Supply Chain with the help of People, Processes and Technology. On a day to day basis we solve real world problems that brings us one step closer to achieving that goal.

Where we are going, we can't go alone. We need an amazing team with extraordinary people with diverse skill sets, if we are to achieve this moonshot. Check out the openings and join us in making a difference.

Current Openings

Customer Support
Exp: 1 Year
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Business Development Executive
Exp: 1+ Year
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Front End Developer
Exp: 1+ Year
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Naanal Culture

Culture and work environment contributes heavily towards ones quality of work. We take great care of cultivating the right environment and optimise it for innovation.

Lifelong Learning

We have to keep ourselves updated at all times. So we encourage lifelong learning and personal development in all aspects of life.

Freedom & Responsibility

You are given room to innovate with the team and implement solutions, processes that helps us in our ambitious goal wherever you come from.

Risk Appetite

We believe that risk appetite is a critical link between forming strategy and realizing performance.

Soft Skills

We have weekly Presentations, seminars on wide ranging topics to keep everyone updated on events and trends.